Houdini 3.0 Pro Aquarium DVD

Chess sofware: Houdini 3.0 Pro Aquarium DVD.

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Chess sofware: Houdini 3.0 Pro Aquarium DVD. Give in to the magic of this program! Only two years ago the Houdini chess engine stormed to the top of the ranking lists, and since then has been the uncontested number one chess engine in the world. The secret of its success: Houdini introduces pure magic into the game of chess! The engine of Belgian programmer Robert Houdart finds tricks in places where the other engines can see nothing. The new version, Houdini 3, goes even further, providing the chess world with yet another increase in playing strength: at least 50 Elo points, thanks to a host improvements in its search algorithms. They manifest themselves in different ways, in various phases of the game. In the opening Houdini 3 demonstrates an even more subtle understanding of space and activity; in the middlegame the program spots quicker than before when pieces are in danger of being dominated; and in the endgame the right evaluations and solutions to problems are found much sooner thanks to a faster, deeper search. During the course of this new development and the fine tuning of the engine Houdini played, believe it or not, ten million test games! Houdini 3 is supplied with the latest Deep Fritz 13 chess interface and thus puts at your disposal all the training and analysis functions of the world's premium chess program. Included in the package are a one-year classic membership to the chess server, online access to the world’s largest analysis database “Let’s Check”* and the use of the ChessBase Engine Cloud. Houdini 3 includes: The Houdini 3 PRO engine, supporting up to 32 cores and 256 GB of hash The DeepFritz 13 user interface in Windows Office 2010 standard The DeepFritz 13 database management system Classic membership of for twelve months The ChessBase Engine Cloud The ChessBase "Let’s Check" function* A database with over 1.5 million games



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