Himitsu-Bako 4 Sun 12 Steps "Fall Red"

Himitsu-Bako 4 Sun 12 Steps "Fall Red". Traditional Japanese secret box himitsu bako (himitsu-bako), 4 sun 12 steps. Type: japanese brain teaser, puzzle box, decorative item.

Type: japanese secret puzzle box, wooden brain teaser.


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Himitsu-Bako 4 sun 12 Steps Fall Red.

The traditional Japanese secret wooden box. An extraordinary puzzle made of wood and  that originates from the Edo period. To open this puzzle box you must find the proper moves and execute them in the right order. Each puzzle box is handcrafted by skilful and talented craftsmen and has its own and unique pattern.

Dimension : 11,8cm*8,2cm*5,4cm

Type: japanese wooden box, japanese puzzle box, wooden brain teaser.




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