Deluxe Black Mahjong

Deluxe Black Mahjong. Black Mahjong set suitable for official games. This mahjong has particularly large tiles and it is coming along with a beautiful wooden case. Mahjong (mah-jong) from Aobo store.

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105,00 € incl. tax


Deluxe Black Mahjong.

Black mahjong suitable for official games. This elegant mahjong has large tiles and it is coming along with a beautiful wooden case.

Included in the set:

-144 tiles + 2 tiles: 36 circles, 36 Bamboos, 36 Characters, 12 Dragons, 16 Winds, 8 Flowers and Seasons, and 2 Blank Spare tiles.

-3 dice, a spinner to determine seating and a set of coins for scoring.


Box: 36cm*26cm*5cm

Tiles: 3,4cm*2,5cm*2cm

Weight: 5,5kg



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