Deluxe Shinkaya Go Game Board 6cm

Deluxe Shinkaya Go Game Board. Traditional Japanese go board made of solid shinkaya, shin-kaya, wood (new kaya). Board made in japan. Thickness 6cm. Type: goban, board, go game. Aobo shop product.

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Deluxe Shinkaya Go Game Board.

Traditional Japanese go game board made of solid shinkaya wood ( also called shin-kaya or new kaya goban). Board made in japan.

Originally, Japanese traditional go boards were made of a wood called Kaya. But due to the cost of this precious species of wood they finally turned to another kind of wood with similar aspect called shinkaya, "shin" meaning new in Japanese. Nowadays Shin-kaya go boards are the most popular one among Japanese go players and are well appreciated all over the world. This wood is also known as new kaya, Alaska spruce or Picea asperata.

Thickness: 6cm

Dimension: 42,5cm* 45,5cm

Weight: 3,2

To fit this shin-kaya go game board aobo-shop suggests the following go stones:

- Slate and shell go game stones 8.4mm jitsuyo

- Korean Glass go game stones 9mm

- Yunzi go game stones 9mm

Type: goban, go game board, go game table.



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