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Expert go game set. The set includes a 3cm shinkaya go board, biconvex Yunzi stones and wooden bowls. Type: Go game set.

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Expert go game set.

The set includes a 3cm shinkaya go board (solid wood), biconvex Yunzi stones (japanese cut) and wooden bowls (cypress).  

Besides, there is a 13*13 go game grid, or a chinese chess (xiangqi) playing surface on the other side of the board, ideal for short games and tutoring.

About Biconvex Yunzi go stones:

Biconvex Yunzi go stones are very popular among Asian players. Those thick and heavy stones have a steady shape and a velvet feeling that makes it extremely pleasant to handle. Moreover, they offer a beautiful black and white contrast that make all go players pleased to play with.

About Shin-kaya go board (goban):

Originally, Japanese traditional go boards were made of a wood called Kaya. But due to the cost of this precious species of wood they finally turned to another kind of wood with similar aspect called shinkaya, "shin" meaning new in Japanese. Nowadays Shin-kaya go boards are the most popular one among Japanese go players and are well appreciated all over the world. This wood is also known as new kaya, Alaska spruce or Picea asperata.


Board: 3cm*42,5cm* 45,5cm

Board weight: 3,2kg

Stones: 9mm*21,5mm

Stones weight: 2,7kg 

Type: Go game, go stones, goban and bowls.

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